Monday, August 29, 2011

Unwearable Fashion Killers

I strongly believe that any fashion items must express a combined harmony of practicality and beauty. In reality there is a great difference between stylish clothes and fashion style. Women killing themselves in sky high monster heels. I have never had any shoes higher than 3.5 inches. Is it really possible just to stand on them? Not speaking about walking or partying all night?
I stand for the fashion that is wearable, practical and trendy. Why should women suffer? If they can just enjoy and feel beautiful instead of feel awkward.

Strong skinny woman capable to hold herself in Alexander McQueen shoes. Nice !

The Bride to Be. She looks like a gorgeous alien.

Simply no comments.
This creature can be hardly defined. A green grasshopper or a drum-woman. Your guess?

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Perlina Rosa said...

Ladies, follow fashion wisely !