Sunday, September 11, 2011

Perlinarosa handmade necklace "Moonlight"

Perlinarosa handmade necklace "Moonlight" by designer Lully Snetkova features chrysoprase, pitchstone and Swarovski crystals. Perfect for little black dress and evening gown.

Perlinarosa Soutache Necklaces designed by Kaya Solovieva

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Perlinarosa Handmade Necklace "English Garden"

This necklace speaks for itself. Designed by Olga Orlova. Handmade beaded necklace "English Garden" features more than 50 different color shades from snow white to dark red.
The bottom of the necklace is decorated with pearls and clear pear shape crystals. Adjustable closure. Soft leather backside.

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Welcome to the garden of elegance and style.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Unwearable Fashion Killers

I strongly believe that any fashion items must express a combined harmony of practicality and beauty. In reality there is a great difference between stylish clothes and fashion style. Women killing themselves in sky high monster heels. I have never had any shoes higher than 3.5 inches. Is it really possible just to stand on them? Not speaking about walking or partying all night?
I stand for the fashion that is wearable, practical and trendy. Why should women suffer? If they can just enjoy and feel beautiful instead of feel awkward.

Strong skinny woman capable to hold herself in Alexander McQueen shoes. Nice !

The Bride to Be. She looks like a gorgeous alien.

Simply no comments.
This creature can be hardly defined. A green grasshopper or a drum-woman. Your guess?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beige Color Theme Fall 2011

If you are looking for typical fall theme colors, mix neutral beige with snow white and add a little bit of black. Fall is all about neutral tones and natural colors. Golden accessories will give the necessary chic and finish the look. With fall you can see a lot of warm yellowish and golden colors. The necklace “Dark Story” by Kaya Solovieva is a statement necklace for beige color theme. You’ll see the golden stars in the delicate twists of this stunning necklace.
"Dark Story Necklace" by Kaya Solovieva
This unforgettable necklace features faceted agate, 24k gold plated Miyuki Delica beads and rough topaz.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Guiding Star of Swarovski Crystals

Throughout decades women have been making statements with their evening dresses. They were wearing long gowns, puffy dresses, simple dresses with dramatic details.... Today they wear the outstanding creations made of crystallized fabrics.
What does a man mean by saying "she is my guiding star"?
Probably a woman dresses in Swarovski encrusted gown.

Swarovsky crystal encrusted top with a black velvet full skirt from Atelie Versace
The sparkling stones are not associated with jewelry anymore. The actress Blake Lively from "Gossip Girl" series had to pose for Vanity Fair photo shooting wearing 33-pound Christian Dior dress encrusted with 6000 Swarovski crystals. Elegant but a little heavy.

33 pound Christian Dior dress

Wednesday, August 17, 2011