Monday, August 29, 2011

Unwearable Fashion Killers

I strongly believe that any fashion items must express a combined harmony of practicality and beauty. In reality there is a great difference between stylish clothes and fashion style. Women killing themselves in sky high monster heels. I have never had any shoes higher than 3.5 inches. Is it really possible just to stand on them? Not speaking about walking or partying all night?
I stand for the fashion that is wearable, practical and trendy. Why should women suffer? If they can just enjoy and feel beautiful instead of feel awkward.

Strong skinny woman capable to hold herself in Alexander McQueen shoes. Nice !

The Bride to Be. She looks like a gorgeous alien.

Simply no comments.
This creature can be hardly defined. A green grasshopper or a drum-woman. Your guess?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beige Color Theme Fall 2011

If you are looking for typical fall theme colors, mix neutral beige with snow white and add a little bit of black. Fall is all about neutral tones and natural colors. Golden accessories will give the necessary chic and finish the look. With fall you can see a lot of warm yellowish and golden colors. The necklace “Dark Story” by Kaya Solovieva is a statement necklace for beige color theme. You’ll see the golden stars in the delicate twists of this stunning necklace.
"Dark Story Necklace" by Kaya Solovieva
This unforgettable necklace features faceted agate, 24k gold plated Miyuki Delica beads and rough topaz.
1. Colorblock dress, $158.00, 2."Dark Story Necklace", $265.00, 3. Colorblock shoes, $98.00, 4. Pour La Victoire "Bacall" leather bag, $197.00,

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Guiding Star of Swarovski Crystals

Throughout decades women have been making statements with their evening dresses. They were wearing long gowns, puffy dresses, simple dresses with dramatic details.... Today they wear the outstanding creations made of crystallized fabrics.
What does a man mean by saying "she is my guiding star"?
Probably a woman dresses in Swarovski encrusted gown.

Swarovsky crystal encrusted top with a black velvet full skirt from Atelie Versace
The sparkling stones are not associated with jewelry anymore. The actress Blake Lively from "Gossip Girl" series had to pose for Vanity Fair photo shooting wearing 33-pound Christian Dior dress encrusted with 6000 Swarovski crystals. Elegant but a little heavy.

33 pound Christian Dior dress

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dark Story Jewelry Collection from Designer Kaya Solovieva

No words are necessary to describe these handmade soutache masterpieces. They speak for themselves.

Available at

Tina's Picks for Fall 2011

To my mind the clothes color can perform the function of  either a great emotional motivator or a strong distress. It depends on you. So, why not to put away black and gray, and bring some splash of color into your everyday life.
Below are the color trends that I suggest you to add to your wardrobe. So, when you open your closet to get dressed for long rainy day you feel really good.
Blue always looks as sexy as red but it is not aggressive. Woman wearing blue dress looks enigmatic.
Avoid completely orange look, add accessories in grey or neutral tones. Or just combine orange skirt with a black shirt. Remember orange is a very powerful color and always gives positive energy.
Brown is the color of earth and reliable people. It always goes well with jeans and any bright color. You can easily combine blue or orange with brown accessories or outwear and seek approval of any designer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Beaded Necklace from Fall Collection 2011

Delicate Autumn Flowers Beaded Necklace by Olga Orlova

Golden Velvet Necklace

Let me introduce another unspeakable beauty from designer Kaya. No need to say that you feel warmer just by looking at it. Looks like this necklace has embraced the warmth of all summer days.Let the sun shine in these rainy days!
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Indian Summer from Lully Snetkova

Designer Lully Snetkova
Lully's jewelry always reflects the current mood of mother nature. They are cold and frost touched in winter, very warm and earthy in fall, bright and delicate in spring and blooming in summer. Being a very nature loving person designer Lully Snetkova incorporates different nature elements into her jewelry: a tiny butterfly, a sea shell, a blooming flower. These distinctive features make her design very special for those who love soothing  colors pallete.
Necklace "Falling Leaves" by Lully

Necklace "Farewell to Summer" by Designer Lully Snetkova
Available at

Pendant "Romantic Autumn" by Lully Snetkova
New item.  Necklace "Indian Summer" by Lully

Necklaces Delicate as Rose Petals

Olga Orlova Delicate Necklaces
"Design that creates culture" 

I was recently browsing the famous inspiring quotes about design and found the following: "Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future" by robert L. Peters

"A talent without human culture has no future"
I would say that Olga is that type of designer who not only creates beauty but creates values.

She has an amasingly interesting background. Olga was born in Saint-Petersburg in the family where Russian sewing traditions were deeply respected and cultivated for ages. Being a child she was often taken to art galleries and Russian museums where she could spend hours browsing the collections of famous Russian painters and sewing exhibitions of 14-15 centuries.
Olga was so much inspired by European needlework artists that she decided to take her time and educate herself in all techniques of golden needle embroidery. She was 15 when she started her first embroidery collection.

The next step in her career was beaded art. She worked at the workshop of puppet master Alexandra Dubravina where she learnt how to embroider toys and small puppets. Most of her works were sold to USA distributers of handmade products.
Beaded toy by designer Olga Orlova
The breaking point in Olga’s career growth was meeting with the purse embroidery collection of Designer Lubov Shuvikova. She dedicated all her time to master the ancient beading tricks of knitted purses and satchels. All purses by Olga Orlova are entirely hand made from the first stich and represent very complex design works.
Now Olga Olrova is famous for her unique handcrafted beaded jewelry. Her collection includes a wide variety of themes and colors: Poppy jewelry with Swarovski crystals, beaded reticules, unforgettable Blue Blowers with beaded lace motive, air-light English Garden Necklace with Swarovski pearls.

Blue Flowers Necklace by Designer Olga Orlova

As Olga says, "Culture is a state of mind, there is always someone thinking in the same way and there is someone who thinks differently." She is creating for those who shares her interests and admiration of beading art.
Me and Olga will be happy to find  like-minded  jewelry admires who love art that brings values.


Welcome to Soutache Wonderland

Kaya Solovieva
Designer Kaya Solovieva
Kaya’s love of fashion is inspired by unique technique of textile embroidery. Her colorful earrings, statement necklaces and stylish pendants are entirely hand sewn. Her works combine the professional design and very accurate embroidery with the use of gemstones, natural pearls, Swarovski crystals, Japanese beads, bohemian glass and genuine leather. Some jewelry is backed with the soft leather to avoid any skin irritation; all jewelry is very light to wear.
The most interesting fact that Kaya started to learn the art of handmade necklaces a few years ago and first kept it as her hobby. Now she has a wide range of loyal Russian customers who follow her progress and feel proud of wearing uniquely designed jewelry.
Kaya perceives jewelry as the expression of woman’s personal style. “I believe that semiprecious and gemstones possess the power of strong aphrodisiac charms that will protect, guide and energize the person who will wear them. When I create my jewelry I visualize a woman that will wear it: a woman that challenges others with her beauty, her quick mind and her out of a kind creative style. This woman wants to be provocative and follow her own fashion trends.”
Red Devil by Designer Kaya Solovieva fot those who dares
Kaya’s collection includes statement necklaces as well as haute-couture delicate jewelry for those who truly love fashion. Her favorite materials to work are Japanese TOHO and Miyuki Delica beads and, of course, a blend of silk and wool soutache.
Haute Couture Statement Necklace from Designer Kaya Solovieva 

Future plans include her further challenges with new styles, new forms and color splashes. She plans to incorporate beading technique in her jewelry and start a new collection of beaded purses with the elements of textile embroidery.
We are certain that once you try Kaya Solovieva style, her jewelry will be adorned for a long long time.

Tina Galagan,
Editor-in-Chief at

Sunday, August 14, 2011


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