Monday, August 22, 2011

The Guiding Star of Swarovski Crystals

Throughout decades women have been making statements with their evening dresses. They were wearing long gowns, puffy dresses, simple dresses with dramatic details.... Today they wear the outstanding creations made of crystallized fabrics.
What does a man mean by saying "she is my guiding star"?
Probably a woman dresses in Swarovski encrusted gown.

Swarovsky crystal encrusted top with a black velvet full skirt from Atelie Versace
The sparkling stones are not associated with jewelry anymore. The actress Blake Lively from "Gossip Girl" series had to pose for Vanity Fair photo shooting wearing 33-pound Christian Dior dress encrusted with 6000 Swarovski crystals. Elegant but a little heavy.

33 pound Christian Dior dress


Almost Precious said...

The Swarovski crystal studded ladies top is gorgeous, but I doubt we will be seeing too many ladies walking down the street wearing the 33 pound dress by Christian Dior. That would definitely be a show stopper ... and bet it would also stop traffic as well. :D

Perlina Rosa said...

Exactly. I think all fashion clothes and jewelry items can be divided into two categories: "wearable" and "absolutely not wearable". Designers create things just to demonstrate their skills. In my fashion guide I always stand for "wearable, fashionable and practical".

Olga Kim said...

I like Swarovski crystals. Go for it if there are not enough budgets for diamonds but there is a burning desire to look like a queen.

Perlina Rosa said...

Olga, I agree 100%

Perlina Rosa said...

Anna, you have actually inspired me to publish one more posting "Unwearable Fashion Killers". Just for fun ! Thanks for inspiration.